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ProVide Server. Probably the best secure SFTP server in the world

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We offer a secure SFTP server for Windows among with a variety of licenses, both for business and private use. But what makes us unique? The answer is our ability to manage all types of protocols; FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and WebDAV. The fact that we combine them with smart features such as virtual users makes us a one-of-a-kind solution, that people can actually use.

Choose a suitable license for your case and let ProVide make file sharing a non-issue for both you and your partners.

Access unlimited users with a Server license

€ 23,88

excl. VAT/userAn individual/year

Features included:

€ 35.88

excl. VAT/userAn individual/year

Includes everything in Mini plus:

€ 47.88

excl. VAT/userAn individual/span>/year

Includes everything in Medi plus:

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Includes everything in Maxi plus:

€ 99

excl. VAT/serverUnlimited users/year

Features included:

€ 999

excl. VAT/serverUnlimited users/year

Includes everything in Mini plus:

€ 1999

excl. VAT/serverUnlimited users/year

Includes everything in Medi plus:

€ 9999

excl. VAT/serverUnlimited users/year

Includes everything in Maxi plus:

Would it not be awesome if you could combine a high level of security with an easy way to manage files?

We have made that possible with ProVide Server! Get our your own secure SFTP server for Windows, or any other protocol that suits your requirements with ProVide Server 30-day free trial.


Work as a team, even across organizational boundaries, and share files in a secure way.


Secure file transfer with optional restrictions such as password, fixed number of downloads or during a specific period of time.


Receive files of all sizes without the need for external file transfer solutions.


Secure file transfer that boosts productivity. Request and access work-related files, with or without optional restrictions – it’s your call!


Enable your team, business partners or colleagues to access and edit files with ease and efficiency.

Work from any device at any location, collaborate and tie together business system environments in a secure way.


Allow quick access to files and folders you often use, and cut time in your busy schedule.


Accessing your favorite files and folders quick and easy, adds to the useability of ProVide as a primary work environment.

Stay in charge and always up-to-date

Automatically getting the latest updates and features to your FTP/TFTP Server is a great way to keep up with the latest security.


ProVide enables automatic updates for your convenience. But, if you would prefer to update it manually, it’s easily arranged – you’re the boss!


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Search for a specific piece of text in a file or folder

Looking for something? You’ll know it when you find it! ProVide’s search function and a thumbnail preview makes it easy.


Full text search for any PDF or Office document. Find that misplaced spread sheet, or locate documents concerning a specific project.

Your favorite server speaks many languages!

Collaborate in your own words with multi-language user interface – nothing gets “lost in translation”.


All users can easily change language of the user interface. Access data, work and collaborate internationally via this multilingual user interface.

Web administration the easy and secure way

Webadmin allows you to configure with ease. In this interface, you can configure users and create and manage user groups, permissions, and resources with settings regarding restrictions, authentication, protocols, events/messages and group membership.


Probably the easiest way to configure a workplace in the world, probably.

Set your own rules using API scripts

Execute API scripts, automate processes and integrate with other systems by setting “rules” based on events.

Using API scripting lets you set rules, both reactively and proactively. ProVide is your playfield, you decide what happens next!

Privacy &

ProVide Mega solves all your most critical data management challenges

It means you have better security, visibility, and control over your data — and therefore your business.
ISO Certified Hosting
ProVide delivers 99.9% uptime and hosts communities with ISO and SOC II certified Amazon AWS hosting provider.
All data is fully encrypted using symmetric encryption with accordance to industry best practices and standards.
GDPR Compliance
Build GDPR compliant communities with our in-built policy and guidelines tool.
Systematic Audits
We are constantly monitoring, analyzing and improving our software security to keep your data safe.

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Sometimes it can be tricky to choose the right solution for your business. We can adapt the preferred solution to fit your needs and organisation.
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Purchase our add-ons to get access to

extra features that will add more value to your ProVide Server.


Add extra level of security using a reverse proxy via ProVide Gateway - Managed File Transfer made even safer!

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ProVide User SLA - Basic support availability per month

This SLA is about response time and availability with regards to prioritized bug fixing and support; requested support hours are invoiced monthly in arrears or by purchasing corresponding specialist coupons.

ProVide User SLA - Extended fast track to our support team

This SLA is about response time and availability with regards to prioritized bug fixing and support; requested support hours are invoiced monthly in arrears or by purchasing corresponding specialist coupons.

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