Link files or folders instead of uploading to the web server

Why upload files to your web server when you can post a web-link to individual files or the entire directory on the server itself?

Using ProVide: If you change a file, add or remove files from the folder on the server this is instantly reflected on the web page. No more faulty versions, no more missing manuals and the latest files will always be ready for download.

ProVide is a one-stop-shop for user collaboration, remote work and as a means for integrating and tying together entire business system environments. Publish files directly on the web using HTTPS-links instead of uploading files. Empowering end users with collaboration features to enable instant, effortless and securely means to share, receive, collaborate and even edit ANY file directly at the source; cuts administration costs, lead times and prevents users from needing non-sanctioned ad-hoc solutions to get things done.

It is the best option if you are looking for a powerful and secure way to create a portal for working with files across platforms, to tablets, and smartphones. It helps you transfer big files to customers and co-workers by simply sending them a download link; there is no need to clutter email servers with large attachments anymore. You can also create a smart storage solution for all types of files and easily manage dedicated customer logins where they’ll reach their specific files, invoices, order history, images and agreements.

For a quick introduction, please read the User Guide.

Secure & monitored communication

ProVide allows all users to communicate business data and without the need for Dropbox, WeTransfer, Sprend, or other third party solutions. Custom branding options lets your brands unique interface and attention to security come to life.

Our solutions use advanced encryptions, which means that they are super safe. Automatic updates (optional) keep the server up-to-date with the latest updates and features. 

Four solutions, from mini to mega; are on offer depending on your needs. Check them out now!


ProVide allows you to adapt everything from logos, layout, colors and more. Through scripts and other smart business system integration APIs, ProVide can realize your customer file portal the way you need it! For details about customization and integration please read our DocWiki or simply purchase a few hours from us; we can, for a very low cost, create the basics for you to build upon.

Powerful integration

ProVide seamlessly integrates with other systems, leaving you in control and as such ProVide server is the perfect systems integration hub. Along with internal scripting and tokens ProVide also supports parameterized external scripts using Perl, Python, pure bash or ANY other other programming or script language to respond, react to and properly and manage in- and outgoing files. For instance, when a file is uploaded its filename may be parsed for a specific identifier, which in turn are used to lookup specific attributes through online resources, ending up in a particular folder. For the record yes we can integrate with BizTalk.

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“ProVide has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

– Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation