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ProVide enables collaboration by enabling secure access to files & folders directly on your servers. Easy to use; secure and managed by those affected: IT can still keep a watching eye. Take a look at some of our features below. Looking for the SFTP-features? Please skip to the SFTP section.

Available Languages

Access, work and collaborate in the language of your preference. ProVide implements full support for UTF-8 on multiple platforms meaning it can manage folders and file names in any language. More than that; by selecting the “cog-wheel” on the right hand side in the ProVide web interface you can select your own language.


Use the ProVide web interface to edit any file. Editing is supported for Windows when logging in as a user or when using a collaboration link. ProVide supports editing of ALL file types, unlike e.g. SharePoint which allows on-line editing only of Office-documents.

Search in PDF

Want to find all PDF-documents that contains a specific word or sentence?? Full-text search in Provide supports multi-choice search in any digitized PDF, for any file or any directory. Search results lists all files, directories an all PDFs come with a thumbnail preview so you can instantly find the document you are looking for!

Upload & Download

Upload-and-Download -Provide

Download a single file or several files as a zip archive retaining the folder name. ProVide offers a familiar and easy to use web interface that conforms to most browser standards and operating systems including computers, tablets and phones.


Share is a feature of ProVide that allows a user to easily share a resource with another person through a link. Share supports restriction on time so that the link only can be accessed during the dates the sharer select. Smart and safe!


Receive is a feature of ProVide that allows a user to easily make a link for other people to upload resources to the server which then can be accessed by the sender. Receive supports restriction on time so that the link may only be used to during certain dates as well as optional restrictions.


Want to enable external partners and colleagues working from home to access files and folders and work from any device in minutes? ProVide is a one-stop-shop for both user collaboration, remote work and as a means for integrating and tying together entire business system environments.

Custom file Portal

If you change a file, add or remove files from the folder on the server this is instantly reflected on the web page. No more faulty versions, no more missing manuals and the latest files will always be ready for download.


Quick access to specific files and folders directly from the left-hand selection pane is enabled using “Favorites”. This feature allows quick access to common work folders and adds to the useability of ProVide as a primary work environment.

ProVide enables collaboration by enabling secure web access to files & folders directly on your servers. Easy to use; secure and managed by those affected: IT can still keep a watching eye. Looking for the SFTP-features? Please skip to the SFTP section.

ProVide is a user-friendly software solution for Windows that replaces free or paid ad-hoc file management and project workplace solutions. It can also supplement e.g. Microsoft Teams and other collaborative software and communication suites by providing easy to use; easy to manage, and secure access to project files and information using a familiar web interface. The key advantage is that files are shared or managed from the source rather than being uploaded into the cloud.

For a quick introduction, please read the User Guide.

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Stay connected, stay in control

All data is stored on your own servers while being securely accessible internally and externally. It is by far the best option if you are looking for a powerful and secure way for working with files across platforms, to tablets, and smartphones. File access works on all file sizes either using accounts or in ad-hoc scenarios for communicating with partners simply by sending them a link. No need to clutter email servers with attachments, or install software for resource access.

Allow users to communicate without the need for Dropbox, WeTransfer, Sprend, or other third-party solution. At the same time, IT can monitor and proactively manage the flow of data. With custom branding options you may use your company’s logotype, fonts, and colours to create your own unique interface.

ProVide uses advanced encryption, which means that communication is super safe. Automatic updates keep the server up-to-date. 

We offer four solutions, from mini to mega. Check them out now!

ProVide is a user-friendly solution
– to safely and securely work with files.