Seamless editing of ANY file

Access the ProVide web interface to edit any file. Editing is supported for Windows when logging in as a user or when using a collaboration link. ProVide supports editing of ALL file types, unlike e.g. SharePoint that allows on-line editing only of Office-documents.

Easy to use – “right-click” select edit

ProVide enables you and your colleagues and partners to edit ANY file directly from the ProVide web interface, with the look and feel of SharePoint. If you are currently using a VPN you also have the added benefit of keeping your work upon Internet disconnects, e.g. when working from a train.

The way users expect it to work

Work and collaborate seamlessly with internal staff, company boards and consultants. ProVide is easy to use, secure, and essentially may replace Windows Explorer by externally and internally offering file management, collaboration and project file-management. Enabling users to collaborate and edit files at the source in familiar way we combined the best of both worlds. Better yet; work in windows as usual and have your partners work via ProVide keeping all file- and document-storage on-premise.

Downloading, editing and then uploading again is to complicated. We listened; and made it work the way users expect it to!

Edit a file – save your work

Right-click the file you wish to edit and choose “Edit”. If ProVideLink is already installed the file will automatically open in you default application. Work and save just as usual.

If ProVideLink is not installed click the link to the ProVideLink-MSI installer appearing in ProVide. After the installer has run the file will open, if not; right-click and select edit.


Seamless editing using ProVideLink

Seamless editing works by asking users to do a one-time install of ProVideLink, a small client application that recieves an encrypted password protected link along with a specific access token. Windows by design only opens files residing locally. ProVideLink downloads your file to a local temporary storage and asks Windows to open the file using the default application. When the user saves the file in the editing application, e.g. Word, changes are automatically transmitted to ProVide server.

If the editing application is open, file is saved and Internet becomes unavailable, ProVideLink waits for a reconnection, connects using the specific link, password, and access token to update the file on the server. When the editing application is closed and the file has been transmitted all traces of the file are removed from the temporary storage. Should the user close the editing application and connectivity prevents ProVideLink to update the file on the server a Windows Explorer window is presented to allow the user to manage the file. ProVide and ProVideLink uses straight forward windows file locking as well as file and folder versioning and backup using Windows Shadow Copy at the source.


Worthwhile limitations

ProVideLink can allow editing of any self-contained file. Linked files such as some Excel-files and Autocad-bluecharts involving tables and charts from other files can pose problems unless you work locally. Your friendly system administrator has full control in explicitly specifying which file-types ProVideLink may open.

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“ProVide has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

– Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation