ProVide Server Referral Program

ProVide Server is a powerful server software enabling the sharing, receiving and collaboration of files and documents; across or within organizations. To extend the reach of ProVide we thought long and hard on how to set up a worthwhile referral program that also incorporates our passion for strong environmental commitment and high ethics.

On a global scale we can contribute to a better world by addressing one of the root problems – pollution. Plastic waste, illegal gillnetting and unsustainable fishing are ravaging fish and sea life populations. This consequently causes famine, poverty, migrations and general unrest.

We decided therefore that this referral program should give something back to the environment targeting removing plastics and working to support our oceans. We have chosen to further extend our support to two global organizations – 4Ocean and Sea Shepherd.

The referral program itself means that we will

  • give a 10% discount on the initial purchase to the new customer when using a referral code,
  • and the same amount as discount on the next subscription extension for the referrer,
  • and the same amount to either 4Ocean in the name of the referrer (if possible) or to Sea Shepherd when the accumulated sum reaches a minimum level of €25.
  • We will also donate 4Ocean and Sea Shepherd a free MAXI server license to further support their work.

This referral program may seem to start small but given our dedication to establishing ProVide Server as a key market competitor we truly hope that this effort, or rather your support for trying out new things, in the end can make a big difference for you, your partner and for our oceans!

To be part of the program, please share your personal referral code to new ProVide customers.

Best regards,
the ProVide team

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