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Full text search in any PDF with preview, lightning fast file searches. Why manage meta-data when you can search ALL data?

Want to find all PDF-documents of which products follow a regulatory standard, find all PDF-documentation concerning a supplier in relation to a specific project? Perhaps a file you are looking for has been misplaced? We think you have you also come to the conclusion that meta-data almost certainly never helps and that searching in Windows is utterly useless! Well; why dont you search ALL data; using ProVide.

Full text search in Provide supports multi-choice full text search in any digitized PDF, for any file or any directory, that the user has access rights to. Search results lists all files, directories an all PDFs come with a thumbnail preview so you can instantly find the document you are looking for! The ProVide user interface includes a fast search box that lets users search for files starting from the selected directory including all subdirectories. Searches may include the *-operator and results may be be funneled up or down by adding more or less information. Search results are presented as a list containing matching files from one or several directories that may be individually selected and downloaded one, or several, at a time. If you select several files these are then compressed into a zip-archive retaining the directory structure.

Using ProVide you can even edit a file from the browser window and save it in your default application directly using the automatically supplied ProVideLink software. 

In the example I am looking for a file named “_ds”, in the “Documents” folder and its subdirectories.

By using one or several wildcard (*) operators; fine grained searches can be executed on folder structures from multiple storage locations. By adding metadata to file names, e.g. when using OCR software and in combination with scripting and document management software; ProVide lets you automate and make data searchable by default. Searches run asymmetrically meaning you can refine a search on the fly, to funnel down and find elusive files.

Using the search box in ProVide you can.

  • Find files from one in a folder or subfolder, starting from your selected directory
  • Search for free text in any PDF-document and have instant thumbnail previews.
  • Use wildcards to detail searches or find files or use metadata in file names.
  • Se which customers recieved a product batch following batch documentation in file name metadata in customer folders.
  • Quickly refine searches on the fly and funnel down e.g an invoice that you only partly know the number of e.g then finding an invoice in a folder containing thousands of files from your smartphone.
  • Download one or several files from the search list.
  • Edit the file you were looking for directly (Windows only); without downloading and uploading, or navigating to the file in your file explorer.
  • File searching is available on client computers, tablets and smartphones.

More on file searches can be found in the following video:


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“ProVide has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

– Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation