ProVide Server Security - SFTP and browser security (HTTPS) with a full range of options

Advanced security features, rigorous testing, and developer passion make ProVide a strong, secure and trustworthy solution. ProVide maintains rock solid security in a intuitive and configurable package that end users can access, understand and use.

Security is paramount in all our solutions. Check out our guide to achieving a perfect score at Qualsys SSL Labs official test. Still it allows for simple, efficient and comprehensible management.

Encryption algorithms, customizable authentication, and APIs to interact with business systems are all parts of our extensive solution for secure file transfer. By choosing access protocols, configurable ciphers and certificates, as well as impersonation with file access restrictions, ProVide can accomodate personal, business and enterprise applications. Employing event based and proactive internal scripting, DMZ support, and advanced external scripting and CSRF (Cross-site request forgery); security can range from secure to military grade.

For more information about the security on our different solutions, please contact us.

Since ProVide has the following features it is possible to configure the server to achieve a perfect score at Qualys SSL Labs official test:

  • Support for HTTP Strict Transport Security.
  • Support to individually enable/disable SSL/TLS protocols (SSL v2, SSL v3, TLS v1, TLS v1.1, TLS v1.2, TLS v1.3).
  • Support for forward secrecy.
  • Support for completely loading chain certificates including intermediate.
  • Support for individually enable/disable SSL/TLS ciphers.
  • Support for renegotiation (allow secure, disable client-initiated).

Qualys SSL Labs results: ProVide ensures secure file transfer solutions using SFTP for system comms & HTTPS for secure browser access enabling a secure on-premise cloud. Support for individually selectable v1-6 and TLS 1.3, forward secrecy, loading chain certificates, cipher selections, renegotiation, HTTP Strict Transport Security. Our CSRF enabled browser service and SFTP services also include full AD integration support; complete with impersonation and file access restrictions complying with all AD access restrictions including those of AD forests and trusted domains. SFTP windows and/or secure browser access for excellent file management that you can trust!

ProVide is a user-friendly solution
– to safely and securely work with files.