HTTPS – Customization

You can customize the way ProVide presents itself through the web browser by doing changes such as including your company logotype or modifying the URL for HTTPS.

Please observe that once the official support for altering the HTTPS layout has been implemented into GUI it might be necessary for you to migrate your changes into the new layout.

In the customization chapter of our DocWiki you can download customization templates. The templates should be placed as described below and modified to your needs.






All changes you do to these files will be immediately reflected on the published HTTPS interface, and if you simply remove these files ProVide will automatically revert to the original.

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“ProVide has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

– Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation