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Why do i need/want a SSL Certificate?

SSL encrypts the information that is sent between your website/server and the visitors web browser/client, so that this information cannot be read by others while it is being transferred over the internet.

When you purchase a certificate, it is issued by a trusted third party authority that identifies your site/server so that your users can feel safe in knowing that they are browsing to the correct site, if you do not have a trusted third party certificate installed, your users will receive a warning that the site they have reached is possibly unsafe.

The ProVide team recommends GlobalSign - www.globalsign.com

Certificates in ProVide

ProVide can handle encrypted sessions for both users' regular connections and file transfers as well as for the administration interface. If you intend to use a certificate stored in Windows Certificate Personal Store it is important that you imported the certificate into Windows without enabling strong private key protection, otherwise you will be prompted with a Windows dialog every time ProVide is started.

Provided certificates are imported correctly ProVide supports most certificate types, ciphers and encryption techniques used in HTTPS, FTPS and SFTP.