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We have given ProVide HTTP Headers support so admins easily can choose any custom header setup and apply it. With custom headers you get more customization and can set it just for your company. HTTP Headers brings good security and customization.


For example, if you want to block your website to be linked from another site you can add this under HTTP Custom Headers:

X-Frame-Options: DENY

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

X-Frame-Options: ALLOW-FROM

Or, if you do not want to have search engines index your site:

X-Robots-Tag: noindex

You find "HTTP custom headers" (for the regular built-in web interface) and "HTTPS Admin custom headers" (for separate headers regarding the admin web interface) in the "Settings.ini"-file located in "C:\Program Files\ProVide" (simply add as many lines as you want under the corresponding section, each double-quoted line corresponding to a custom header).

[HTTP custom headers]
"custom header 1"
"custom header 2"
"custom header 3"


Example headers:

  • X-Frame-Options
  • X-XSS-Protection
  • Content-Security-Policy

For more details about these example headers please see links below.