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Would you like to help out with the development of ProVide?

You can do so by running the experimental version of ProVide to help us collect additional information during testing, please follow the guide below. This version will collect additional information about the operating system ProVide is being run on. Additionally, an email is sent to the developers in case of an error that has the file "bugreport.txt" attached (found in the same folder as the exe-file).

Before we start, please note that this version is only intended for debugging purposes.

1. Start out by confirming if you are running the 32 or 64 bit version of ProVide, then download the corresponding ProVide.exe here.

ProVide 64 bit version – Unstable: [1]

ProVide 32 bit version – Unstable: [2]

2. Now, stop your currently running ProVide service.

3. Replace the ProVide.exe located inside your installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\ProVide\ with the file you just downloaded.

4. Make sure the "Debug Level" is sufficiently high in "Settings.ini"; a value of 10 should be enough for most occations.

5. Start the ProVide service.

At the next automatic update the server will revert back to what's defined under "Running version" in "Settings.ini".

You are now contributing to the ProVide development process by giving us information that can help us make ProVide even stronger!