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zFTPServer becomes ProVide

Yes! We changed the name and the logo to make it pronounceable and to better express the modern and secure capabilities of your favourite MFT (Managed File Transfer) solution. zFTPServer has continually been developed and improved for over a decade. It is about time the name truly reflected what it really is: a user friendly solution to safely and securely ProVide files and documents to/from and for businesses and consumers.


2018-05 : Sulphur- Stability improvements to HTTP(S)

  • Improved: Stability improvements to HTTP(S) connections
  • Improved: Handling of massive SFTP connection attempts
  • Fixed: Old zFTPServer license compatibility
  • Fixed: A few memory leaks related to the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Added: X-bit for files if read permission is set

2018-02 : Sulphur- Improved SFTP and WebDAV

  • Improved: New user management with autofocus of name field
  • Improved: Major improvement to SFTP stability for unstable/malicious connections
  • Improved: Several minor improvements to WebAdmin interface
  • Improved: Major improvement to WebDAV stability for unstable/malicious connections
  • Added: Filtering abilities to links window in WebAdmin

2018-01 : Sulphur- Improved performance and functionality

  • Improved: Updated internal security components
  • Fixed: Resource management while using Authentication Integration and administration privileges
  • Improved: Update routine to only show what’s new from previous version
  • Improved: Cleanup of logging procedures

2017-12 : Sulphur- Improved performance and functionality

  • Improved: WebDAV support
  • Fixed: memory leaks while using WebDAV service
  • Optimized: internal memory management while server is idle
  • Fixed: resizeability and automatic height of all windows in WebAdmin

2017-09 : Sulphur- Added web gui for server administration (defaults to port 8443)

  • Added: support for managing HTTP(S) share/receive/collaborate-links using telnet
  • Added: manifest declaration for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
  • Added: support for using cached passwords to have Active Directory impersonation with share and receive links
  • Fixed: problems switching language for the built-in HTTP(S) web client while using "Windows impersonation"

2017-06 : Phosphorus - Added ability to change language in the built-in HTTP(S) client

  • Added: Support for SFTP protocol version 1 and 2
  • Added: ability to change language in the built-in HTTP(S) client (currently available languages: English, French and German)
  • Added: support to alter low-level server identifiers while using SFTP and HTTPS
  • Added: start date property for links (share, receive and collaborate)

2017-05 : Phosphorus - Bug fix

  • Fixed: Renaming problem for certain files using the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Fixed: Bug that caused collaboration links to malfunction when combined with Active Directory or Virtual accounts
  • Fixed: Bug that required recevie to be enabled in order to allow share links

2017-04 : Phosphorus - WebDAV-support on Bluebeam Revu

  • Added: WebDAV-support on Bluebeam Revu
  • Added: WebDAV GUI, possibility to configure WebDAV through graphical interface
  • Improved: Security by custom headers
  • Improved: Ease of use a more user-friendly experience
  • Improved: AD (Active Directory) configuration options

2016-12 : Phosphorus - Improved security towards public key authentication

  • Added: Sorting for columns in built-in HTTP(S) web client
  • Added: Added support for token %EVENTNAME%
  • Improved: Improved security towards public key authentication
  • Improved: search function in built-in HTTP(S) web client

2016-09 : Phosphorus - Support for encrypted WebDAV

  • Added: Support for configuring password cache on individual accounts
  • Added: Support for encrypted WebDAV
  • Improved: Stability improvements to script engine and event parser
  • Improved: Beautifications to the built in HTTP(S) web client

2016-06 : Phosphorus - Bugs and issues

  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues.

2016-05 : Phosphorus - Support for uploading multiple files using HTTP(S) receive link

  • Added: Support for uploading multiple files using HTTP(S) receive link
  • Improved: Accessing direct URLs with international characters while not logged in
  • Improved: Right click menu handling of share/receive/collaborate for the built-in HTTP(S) client

2016-03 : Phosphorus - Mobile friendly GUI and improved security for SFTP

  • Added: Mobile friendly HTTPS GUI
  • Added: Support for specifiying SFTP KEX algorithms
  • Added: Support for SFTP remote copy

2016-01 : Phosphorus - Drag-n-Drop

  • Added: Support for allow/disallow HELP/FEAT before authentication when using FTP(S)
  • Improved: Better upload handling for HTTP(S) client: multiple files are now accepted both through dialog and drag-n-drop and individual overwrite prompts are being used
  • Improved: SFTP stability and performance (better creation of files, resuming uploads and truncating)
  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues.

2015-03 : Phosphorus released – Improved security and collaboration

  • Added: Support for collaboration through HTTP(S) with access via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP(S)
  • Added: Support to individually enable/disable SSL/TLS protocols and ciphers
  • Added: Support for HTTP Strict Transport Security and forward secrecy
  • Improved: New modern design for the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Improved: Support for renegotiation (allow secure, disable client-initiated)
  • Fixed: Renamed share.ini to more informative and complete name links.ini

2015-01 : Silicon released - Improved performance and functionality

  • Added: Improved manageability to handle shares and receive points
  • Added: Support for unencrypted HTTP or as a redirect to HTTPS
  • Added: Support for wildcards (*, ?) as virtual folder names and resource path
  • Added: HTTP(S) now includes a search function
  • Improved: Performance improvements to SFTP and HTTPS for directory parsing
  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues

2014-08 : Aluminium released - Performance improvements for AD integration

  • Added: Support for drag and drop uploading
  • Added: Ability to configure UTF8 per account
  • Improved: Improvements to HTTPS GUI
  • Improved: Performance improvements for Active Directory integration
  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues

2014-03 : Magnesium released - Major update with dedicated 64-bit version

  • Added: Support for multiple domains with Active Directory Trusts
  • Added: Support for block counter rollover when using TFTP (allows > 32 MB)
  • Added: Event BeforeUpload may now alter destination file
  • Improved: HTTPS functionality (multi-select, optimizations, design, customization)
  • Fixed: SFTP stability issues with multiple connections

2013-06 : Sodium released - Improved HTTPS functionality

  • Added: Sharing and receiving files using HTTPS links
  • Added: Support for one-line public keys
  • Added: Support for long path names
  • Improved: Download and upload several files simultaneously using HTTPS
  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues

2012-09 : Neon released - Improved FTP security and AD-integration

  • Added: New feature to handle hammering: Throttling failed connections
  • Improved: Active Directory integration now supports recursive Security Groups
  • Fixed: Many simultaneous SFTP connections could crash the server

2012-02 : Flourine released - FTP Server now supports FTP over HTTPS and IPv6

  • Added: Support for IPv6
  • Added: Support for HTTPS - built in client served via https
  • Fixed: Several minor bugs and issues.

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