Migrate ProVide between servers or from legacy zFTPserver

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Migration of ProVide Server

Migrating ProVide between servers is a straightforward process. If the new server exists in the same Active Directory environments and supposing storage locations are not on the server hosting ProVide; then settings, accounts, licences and logs can be moved to the new server which will then just work. We strongly suggest you update or upgrade your current ProVide installation. If you are still using the legacy zFTPServer we recommend that you upgrade to ProVide before migration.

Update your existing ProVide server

  1. Access the ProVide server Admin interface.
  2. Click the update button in the top right menu.
  3. Server will update as soon as no users are connected; you may close the server or kick users manually to speed up the process.

This step can also be performed manually by performing steps 1-4 in the upgrade instructions.

Upgrading your existing zFTPServer

  1. Back up the zFTPServer folder on your old server.
  2. Download latest version of ProVide from www.provideserver.com
  3. Run the setup and click yes that you want to upgrade.
  4. If you do not make any changes to password / certificate during setup it will be the same as you had in zFTPServer.
  5. Once setup is complete, Uninstall zFTPServer, then you are ready to go.

Perform the migration

In this step we prepare for and move all accounts and settings. You may optionally retain the log folder and the customization folder should you have made changes.

  1. Copy the entire ProVide-folder in the Programs directory to the new server.
  2. Install latest version of ProVide on the new server into the same folder.

After running the server you are good to go! This process retains all settings, logins, logs, accounts AND; if the same AD and storage locations are used then everything should work as before.

License Considerations

ProVide requires an active subscription license. Legacy zFTPServer licenses are accepted but require both a base license AND an active Extension license. zFTPServer Licenses works just as before but please bear in mind that new functionality is only available in ProVide subscription licenses; please have a look here for details.