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2018-02-19 - improvement to SFTP and WebDAV

Major improvement to SFTP and WebDAV stability for unstable/malicious connections

2018-01-15 - New version out

Update your ProVide to get access to the latest improvements and security patches.

2017-09-15 - Administration is now done by the web browser

Administrators can now use the web browser of their choice to administrate ProVide.

2017-06-08 - Possibility to change language in the built-in HTTP(S)

Now the available languages: English, French and German is supported in the built-in HTTP(S). Its a user setting that allows the end user to choose the language of their own choice.

2017-04-06 - Added WebDAV-support on Bluebeam Revu

Remote users can now connect Bluebeam Revu to ProVide (as their own private cloud). This improvement is based on valuable feedback from security concerned customers working with Computer Aided Design (CAD) as their main business.

2016-09-16 - Added support for encrypted WebDAV

Now you can use ProVide as your WebDAV server on a secure way.

2016-05-12 - Improved stability and performance

Improved stability and performance according to HTTP(S) with minor beautifications.

2016-03-18 - Mobile friendly HTTP(S) GUI for clients

With mobile friendly HTTP(s) GUI you can easily use ProVide on tablets and phones for easy file distribution from your local cloud.

Support for specifying SFTP KEX algorithms and by default now using more secure algorithms, ProVide increase the security. KEX Algorithms

2016-01-19 - ProVide is updated with support for drag-n-drop and disabling HELP/FEAT

The HTTP(s) web client now has better support for drag-n-drop, you can now drag-n-drop multiple files and individual overwrite prompts are being used.

ProVide can now be configured to disallow the use of the HELP and FEAT commmands for unathenticated users over FTP(S)

2015-05-22 - ProVide keep up the fight for security

Recently researchers announced a new SSL/TLS vulnerability called the FREAK attack. Basically this allow attacker to intercept HTTPS connections between server and clients and force them to use weak encryption.

ProVide have know removed RSA-RC4-MD5-EXPORT from the default list to handle this FREAK vulnerability.

Protect my system against a FREAK attack

2015-03-05 - Invite external users to collaborate in particular projects or information sharing

Missed out important details, time demanding meetings and general administration are three common challenges in a project. In this version we release a brand new feature which enables you to create the best conditions possible by using collaborating work areas through ProVide together with your colleagues, customers and students. Even though the function seems equivalent to the so far more well-known Dropbox, Collaborate does what Dropbox does, but without using dropbox. This is of course a much more secure and therefore better way of communicating with files between multiple computers since it can assure that no other people/computers but the authenticated users gain access to the information. More information on how to configure ProVide to gain access to Collaborate

2015-03-05 - ProVide - Information Security you Can Rely On

Internet is an efficient medium for managing and sharing information. Recent events in the world have however put information security in the front room. As it turns out cloak and dagger organizations, are, actually stealing- and monitoring information. Companies and organisations that transfer patent documents, blueprints, research and reports need to guarantee both integrity and make sure eavesdropping becomes impossible. While at the same time ensuring information security and secrecy the flow of information must still be easy to manage and readily accessible, ProVide lets you take control of your secure information flow.

ProVide from Västgöta-Data AB has always focused on information security and is now taking it even further. ProVide can now offer full support to individually configure to enable/disable different features and a protocol made accordingly to the “best practice”-scheme from Qualys SSL Labs. ProVide now achieves a perfect score at Qualys SSL Labs’ official test. We can therefore proudly present that ProVide test rating is A+ with the maximum score in Certificate, Protocol support, Key exchange och Cipher strength. More information on how to configure ProVide in order to gain full rating can be found here.

2014-04-09 - ProVide NOT affected by Heartbleed

ProVide is NOT affected by the Heartbleed (overflow) bug due to the fact that we use another TLS implementation. Thus encryption for file access using FTPS and FTP over HTTPS in ProVide is unaffected.

However if you use the same login and password for both ProVide as well as for other web services or online accounts that may have been the target of Heartbleed: As a precaution we recommend changing passwords. Always use strong passwords, change them regularly and do use different passwords for different services.

Security issues are considered with utmost respect from our perspective, as well as from the developer and ethical hacker communities in general all striving for improved security, and a sense of exploration. Upon discovery of any bugs or security issues, directly or consequentially, affecting ProVide please contact us promptly.