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ProVide Gateway is a reverse proxy made for those who value very high security. It allows communication with ProVide through DMZ, and safely terminates all connections and never stores any data in your DMZ. The client will never connect directly to the server, instead it connects through the gateway to the server located safetly in your internal network. Your external clients will connect just as they normally would without any need for additional hardware, software or knowledge.

ProVide can be configured to create routes through the gateway on the protocols, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS. Each route can after configuration be enabled and disabled with the press of a button in the ProVide Administration interface.

ProVide Gateway has been tested and on Windows (version 7, 10, 2016, 2019) and Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.5, 18.04.4 & 20.04 LTS, Centos 8, SUSE Enterprise Server 15 SP2), In addition, It´s known that ProVide Gateway are used on other distributions aswell.

Example of configuration in ProVide Server administration interface

Configure Gateway.png