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Do you need help to install or set up ProVide? Want help with scripting or AD integration? Then buy a specialist coupon! We offer hands-on virtual on-site specialist for ProVide using TeamViewer. All access is strictly under your control and you may monitor every step of the way.

A coupon grants one hour of specialist and you can buy as many as you need.

Examples of what you could expect to get for your coupons:

1 hour Connecting ProVide to existing AD and configuration of home folders for AD users via ProVide.
1 hour Configuration of existing script for event based execution.
1 hour Configuration and verification of passive connections (internal firewall access from your side required).
4 hours Advanced AD-to-ProVide connection with nested AD groups and user specific home folders.
>7 hours Integrating ProVide using proactive and reactive scripts.

Buy specialist coupons!

For larger or more advanced project such as integrating the FTP server, developing proactive scripts and add-on development projects, please for a quotation.

After completing the specialist coupon purchase:

  1. Wait for the confirmation e-mail entitled "License Key for...".
  2. For further information. Please supply your specialist coupon order number found in the confirmation e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible (office hours: 08:00-17:00 CET).
  3. Download and run our Västgöta-Data TeamViewer file (link will be found in our reply).
  4. Before specialist session starts please e-mail TeamViewer id and your specialist coupon order number to .