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Basic setup

The entire FTP structure is taken from the "C:\FTPRoot" folder on disk.


Managing web accounts

The following group account is created and by simply assigning membership to this group when creating new accounts the management of a huge amount of accounts becomes a breeze. In this example there is a total limit of 50 MiB storage for each user, but the folder "cgi-bin" can never go above 5 MiB. All the necessary folders are of course automatically created on the server once the user logs in, so there's no need to manually do anything else.


Mergin several folders

The entire FTP structure is taken from the "C:\FTPRoot" folder and "D:\Resources\Public" on disks. These two folders get merged and look like one big disk to the user.


User specific folders

Every user gets their own home directory automatically in "C:\FTPRoot\[Username]", with full access rights.


Date specific folders

The folder with todays date will have full access rights (available for upload), while all others are only available for downloading.


User specific upload folders

Every user will get their own upload area with a limit of 50 MiB storage capacity, while still being able to download all files by other users.


Using several group memberships

Create a separate group for each available project (specifying in each case which files/folders that project needs) and let each user be a member of the projects needed (this makes it very easy to e.g. manage changes).