Automated Secure Retail PIM with Multilingual Support

ProVide is used for automatically distributing updated product manuals and documentation.

ProVide Server enables easy integration and data exchange for Product Information System (PIM) managing automatic transfer and updates from vendors and customers regarding pricelists, product descriptions and product data.

Secure FinTech Platform for Seamless SFTP Transactions and Robust Integration

Provide Server is a key communications platform for secure financial transactions in the FinTech Industry.

Employing SFTP for secure point-to-point transactions, using extremely powerful scripting, encryption and cipher management as well as scripting and logging means ProVide is easy to configure and runs seamlessly.

The Secure, Versatile Communication and Integration Platform for Software Development

Provide is built to be easy to set up, lean on system resources and extremely secure.

File Management and Integration for Industry & Production

First of all as a multilingual (MFT) Managed File Transfer Platform capable of establishing file exchanges for collaboration on blueprints, agreements and files thus averting the need for e-mail correspondence and unsecure communications.


Frequently asked questions

ProVide Server is a comprehensive communication and integration platform designed for secure data transfers and seamless system integration across various industries including FinTech, Retail, IT & Software Development, and Industry & Production.
ProVide Server utilizes secure protocols such as SFTP and FTPS, along with advanced encryption and cipher management. It also integrates with the ProVide SFTP Gateway for enhanced firewall management and security, ensuring all data transfers are protected.
ProVide Server facilitates secure financial transactions through SFTP with key exchange, robust encryption, and logging capabilities. It offers seamless system connections and data exchanges, making it ideal for handling sensitive financial information.
Yes, ProVide Server is equipped to manage complex financial system integrations using APIs and powerful scripting capabilities. It ensures data control reactively and interactively, providing a robust integration engine for all your financial systems.
ProVide Server automates secure data transfers for Product Information Systems (PIM), managing updates from vendors and customers regarding price lists, product descriptions, and product data. It also distributes updated product manuals and documentation seamlessly.
Yes, ProVide Server can integrate with various retail management systems, supporting standard software, web access, and API-controlled system access, making it a versatile tool for retail data management.
ProVide Server is favored for its ease of setup, low system resource usage, and high security. It serves as a default communications and integration platform, supporting complex business, communication, and ERP solutions.
Absolutely, ProVide Server features a reactive, interactive, and proactive script engine, enabling extensive automation. It supports full API integration, allowing developers to customize and control system operations effectively.
ProVide Server supports secure data exchange and integration within industrial and production environments. It ensures reliable and secure communication protocols, making it ideal for managing production data and operational workflows.
Yes, ProVide Server can seamlessly integrate with various industrial systems, including Active Directory, LDAP, ERP systems, and other internal user systems. It provides a robust foundation for secure and efficient industrial data management.
Yes, ProVide Server is available in 10 languages, facilitating global communication and integration across diverse linguistic environments.
ProVide Server enhances network security by running inside your firewall and utilizing the ProVide SFTP Gateway in your DMZ. This setup ensures that all connections are initiated from within the network, adding an extra layer of security for sensitive data transfers.

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