zFTP is now ProVide

Yes! zFTPServer becomes ProVide. We changed the name and the logo to better express the modern and secure capabilities of your favourite MFT (Managed File Transfer) solution.

zFTPServer has been developed and improved for over a decade now, since the day it first was launched in 2002.
zFTP logo ProVide Server

“Without our initial customers we would be nothing! – Feel free to continue with your old license if you wish”

Will this change affect me?

Yes: The name of the software solution, the logo, all material and the communication is now ProVide. As zFTPServer is no longer being updated with new features, we recommend you to migrate to ProVide as soon as possible. 

Why upgrade to a ProVide license?

New features only apply to ProVide licenses and are disabled if you use a zFTPServer license. You don’t want to miss out on all the good stuff, do you? Stability or security updates (including new encryption ciphers) are implemented for all valid licence types.
ProVide is under constant development following changes in technology, operating systems, security demands etc. And we love to recieve feedback from our customers that allows us to improve the product even more.
ProVIde is so much more than a file transfer solution, it is a solution for all your file management issues.
ProVide has many new features, such as:

What ProVide licence would suite my needs?

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We offer a variety of licenses, both for business and private use. But what makes us unique? The answer is our ability to manage all types of protocols; FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTP and HTTPS. And the fact that we combine them with smart features and virtual usage makes us a one-of-a-kind solution.


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Let us give you a demo. Or download our free trial and try it for free first.

Choose your version for downloading, either the 64 bits or the 32 bits version. Install it according to these instructions

License and Purchase details

Volume Licensing

For volume licensing of ProVide please contact us. We offer volume licensing for all solutions, including Service Level Agreement (SLA).

You can use the product for the duration of your subscription. The duration of the subscription, the billing period, and the price per subscription period for each product will be displayed during the order process. Subscriptions may be terminated at any time.

Each purchased licence is only valid for one instance of ProVide (except MEGA where any number of instances belonging to the same organization is allowed) and each user license allows for one account/connection. Hence, 10 user licenses can either be used for 10 different accounts or 1 account with 10 simultaneous connections. If you want to min-max and only purchase individual user licenses, the DocWiki explains how to think when choosing how many user licenses you should purchase.

Each server license, however, includes unlimited user licenses.

All prices in ShareIt’s control panel are specified in euros. ShareIt provides exchange rates from euro to your choice of currency. Depending on your location and/or company, the price may be adjusted per applicable taxes, though the base price in euros remains the same.

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