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When it comes to data management, security, storage management, and ease of use are top priorities. That’s why we offer a solution that goes above and beyond what public cloud services can supply.

Whether you represent an IT company, bank, military contractor, research facility, or national SCADA-system operator, ProVide is tailored to meet your requirements for data storage management, security, and user-friendliness.
With ProVide, you can rest assured that your data is safe and accessible, with no compromise on usability.


Provide Server is a key communications platform for secure financial transactions in the FinTech Industry. Employing SFTP for secure point-to-point transactions, using extremely powerful scripting, encryption and cipher management as well as scripting and logging means ProVide is easy to configure and runs seamlessly.


  • Seamless SFTP data transactions: SFTP with key exchange for seamless systems connection and data exchange while maintaining top notch security with SFTP v3 , v4, v5, v6.
  • Gateway for extreme security applications: Combine with ProVide SFTP Gateway for hardening firewall management. Run ProVide inside your firewall, ProVide Gateway in your DMZ; and all connections are initiated from the inside.
  • SFTP integration and application control: Control the flow of data reactively or interactively by using APIs or using internal or external scripting to control how your system works. ProVide sets up as as clever and powerful integration engine for all your financial systems

“We chose your product mainly because it contains a lot of options for data transfer. Additional user interface and/or administrator is very readable and understandable even for the person who first makes contact with your product. In our case, we wanted to implement your product to our environment because we use it to secure data exchange between our major business partners, and which are the largest banks in Poland.”

“We’re satisfied with the product and its functionality. ProVide is a central part of our business and it helps our customers to do safe payments by receiving payment files. ProVide is also used for delivering files to the customers.”

Major world wide bank

“Farsight Tech Nordic is always open for customer requirements providing the necessary product enhancements in a reasonable time frame. The support organization is flexible with a short response time where first level can easily gets in touch with the development department in cases where deeper analysis is required. These reasons combined with a very intuitive and simple installation procedure are what led us into ProVide.”


ProVide Server enables easy integration and data exchange for Product Information System (PIM) managing automatic transfer and updates from vendors and customers regarding pricelists, product descriptions and product data. ProVide is also used for automatically distributing updated product manuals and documentation.
  • Automate secure data transfers: Using SFTP or FTPS Provide offers support for data transfers in the logistical chain where updated information can flow to all involved parties.
  • Easy access using standard software or web: ProVide supports all relevant client access software for SFTP, FTPS and of course API-controlled system access; and even web access.
  • Multilingual: Available in 10 languages ProVide Server gives your company global reach

“ProVide has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

“ProVide is working out really well for us and is a part of our automation/efficiency solution for a more smooth managing of our inventory. We use ProVide for communication between our inventory and printers.”

“We decided for ProVide as we needed secure data transmission. Furthermore we wanted our users to be able to manage ad-hoc file sharing themselves without the necessity of IT setup and easily enable customers, that are not savvy of FTP, to use a web frontend with no extra costs as there are with some competitors products.”

We can’t use cloud services such as Dropbox since the information in those cases becomes public. Since we are a public authority we need to follow the rules which is why we chose ProVide. We use ProVide to send/receive things like fonts, flyers and posters and we are very happy with the product!

“We like ProVide, as it runs very stable and we don’t have any problems with corrupted files after transfer (which we had, as we used i.e. FileZilla).”


ProVide is used as the default communications and integration platform for many software development companies that use ProVide as part of larger more complex business, communications and ERP solutions. Provide is built to be easy to set up, lean on system resources and extremely secure. Combine this with our imagination and inventiveness and you end up with a secure communications and MFT-platform that is extremely capable and able to adapt to almost any situation. We recon you can come up with quite a few!.
  • Secure, capable and extremely versatile. ProVide is easy to use and set up and still extremely versatile. With support for all relevant standards in communication protocols, ciphers and encryption techniques ProVide can be the communication foundation so you need not look further
  • Powerful scripting and full support for API, script and systems integration. ProVide uses a reactive, interactive and proactive script engine that can execute commands and receive new parameters complete with personalization.
  • Integrates with your Active Directory, LDAP, an internal user and access credential system or with a “virtual user system” be it your ERP or any other system.

“We’re very pleased with ProVide, it does what it’s supposed to and the product support is excellent. We use ProVide for both internal and external file transfer.”

“We use ProVide as a file service together with a certificate when exchanging files with customers and suppliers. It has been stable for many years now and basically just keeps on going, which is great for us!”

“We use ProVide on a customer server for file transfer with a certificate authenticated finance service. We think ProVide is a very smooth program and solution, it does exactly what it should.”

“We use ProVide for different customer cases and it’s always very stable. We’re happy and satisfied!”


“We are totally happy with ProVide and the way it automates the work with our customers. We use it to alert our customers when a new file is available for download through SFTP/FTPS, by sending out a mail automatically. We also use it to create local folders in a specific tree.”

“Our business is all about system integration and we’re very pleased with ProVide as a part of the platform we deliver to our customers. We’ve had the product for 3 years now and so far we haven’t had any problems what so ever. We really like how easy the interface is and the logging. ProVide and its SFTP-feature has been used several times in our customer projects.”

“We chose ProVide because of the support for HTTPS and use it as a place for larger files for our consultants and customers.”

“ProVide is working really well for us and it has come to be a central part of our business. The process to achieve secure download is smooth regardless which homepage you’re on and the logs are great. We use ProVide for pretty much everything, e.g: for giving Nordic customers access to download updates of several applications and for us to take care of their backups.”

“We use ProVide on a webserver to secure the transfer of files and we love how simple, reliable and affordable this product is. Simple and stable!”


“We had a customer that needed a flexible and easy to manage FTP server, ProVide was absolutely perfect. The customer is happy, we are happy.”

NNIT A/S is one of Denmark’s leading IT service providers and consultancies. NNIT A/S offers a wide range of IT services and solutions to its customers, primarily in the Life Sciences sector in Denmark and internationally and to customers in the public, enterprise and finance sectors in Denmark. NNIT has opted for ProVide.

“ProVide has provided our company the unique ability to serve both internal and external users across multiple AD domains utilizing one-way trust relationships. We are delighted to have a single FTP solution that is secure, stable, and very easy to manage.”

“ProVide is fast, has very easy administration and good possibilities for configuring how the access should be between different accounts. We use ProVide internally so that our consultants has a way of regularly fetching heavy ISO-files and externally so that customers can send us their log files.”

supportcentralen provide server

“We use ProVide for fetching setup files which a monitoring system uses for installations. ProVide is and has been a very good product for many years. It just keeps on going and I barely think about it.”

“Teradyne sells automated functional test equipment for both commercial and aerospace applications. The ProVide is used to provide data to the module under test.”

Toshiba TEC Nordic chooses ProVide Server for Toshiba QuickSearch, a premier digital transformation tool that combines Toshibas know-how in document management, OCR and MFP printing solutions with ProVide Server.

“As a web developer I have used it as a personal ftp server to have graphic designers get files to my local machine. Really intuitive and easy to use, a very convenient and quick solution to FTP. Thanks!”

Public Sector

“Most excellent product with pricing in the “just right” category for needing a very small (3 users) SFTP solution. Add in this friendly offer of a trial extension, and y’all now have my business indefinitely and a hearty recommendation to anyone else who needs a similar solution. “


ProVide has many applications in industry. First of all as a multilingual (MFT) Managed File Transfer Platform capable of establishing file exchanges for collaboration on blueprints, agreements and files thus averting the need for e-mail correspondence and unsecure communications. ProVide manages keeping data, communication and access under your control while providing users the means to work efficiently. Secondly as a secure platform for inter-system communication and integration.
  • Search free text with multiple choice in any PDF-, Word-, Excel-, or Powerpoint-document and get an instant listing with a preview. If you know roughly what you are looking for you´ll se it when you find it; instantly.
  • Web interface for sharing and working securely together with partners and consultants on files and sensitive information: keeping everything under your control.
  • Multilingual so you can work with people all over the world.
  • Easy to set up, easy to work with for both users and admins alike and extremely capable from the get go. Install ProVide, enable users or groups to access relevant data and you are done. The process generally less than an hour and is secure, efficient and you are in control.
  • Setting up ProVide does not require any restructuring of your document areas and file storage.

“ProVide has an interface which is easy to understand and it works well as a product for us. We use it as a FTP-server where we manage accounts for our customers in order to access file areas for uploading/downloading in each project.”

“Simple yet intuitive interface, robust functionality, and support for plenty of protocols are just few of the reasons our company decided to go with ProVide software. The setup was minimal and straight forward. The end users have variety of connection options ranging from FTP to HTTPS. ProVide radically simplified file sharing for our customers.”

“I’m very pleased with how ProVide keeps on going every day, doing what it’s told. In Götenehus’ case this means delivering our invoices.”

“We use ProVide for us and our affiliates for uploading/downloading documents and heavy images. ProVide helps us out every day by running smoothly in the background, without making a noise.”

“We use ProVide as an area for suppliers to download and upload projects and backups. We’re happy with the fact that ProVide keeps up the good work.”

“We wanted to offer a safe alternative for Dropbox and chose ProVide for the smoothness and safety. The users get the Dropbox-simplicity but as a company we have total control over the files which are sent.”

“ProVide is working really well. Earlier we used it for sending/receiving images and today it is being used for customers and managing the electronic delivery notes. We really like the smooth management of our accounts!”

“We use ProVide for receiving/providing heavy files such as 3D-drawings from/to our customers and subcontractors. We think ProVide is working out well for us!”

“ProVide was an important piece of the puzzle in our movie project where images from our line of work were being sent to a backup server. The images were then used to achieve the project goal; a time lapse of the logistics- and building process.”

tecma provide server

“ProVide is definitely a reliable, cost effective, on premise easy to use file sharing solution. In those cases we do need assistance the support/development staff is really helpful.”

“We use ProVide on a daily basis and it’s been working out extremely well for us from day one. We mostly apply it for transfers of heavy files between our worldwide offices, but ProVide also exchanges information between our partners in different projects and helps us in managing licenses and installing procedures. Using ProVide is easy and problem free, as it should be, and we’re really satisfied with that.”


“We haven’t had any problems with ProVide. We use it for internal storage and so far it covers all of our needs.”

“Fast change of group memberships and the opportunity to use virtual directories. …there is not another product for windows.”

“We’re very pleased with ProVide, appreciate the AD-connection and web interface. We use ProVide for secure file transfer to/from other contacts.”

“We chose ProVide because of the secure file transfer with SFTP and the possibility of using accounts directly from your Active Directory. We’re satisfied with ProVide since it’s stable and always works, it’s easy to forget that it’s there. ProVide is used as part of our integration platform where on a daily basis 10-12 accounts frequently fetch/leave files in a secure way.”

“…it has been a rock solid server.”

“We mainly use SFTP for delivering heavy media files between us and our customers. Since we started off with ProVide we’ve been using it quite rigorously and we’re happy to say that its stability and functionality is impressive.”

We use ProVide for a couple of things; a digital archive for the documentation of all horses and a portal for ourselves, organizations and the members of the board. It’s working out very smoothly and it’s nice not having to send heavy documents through mail all the time and also to have secure permission controlled access to our documents at all times.

“We were looking for a safe, secure and smooth way to transfer files back and forth with our customers. To be able to have full control of our and customers data, our choice was ProVide. The easy handling ProVide offers, has saved time for both ourselves and our customers. Time is money!”

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