Area of use

Do you represent a small or large IT-company, a major world wide bank, military contractor, research facility, or an operator of a national SCADA-systems? ProVide customers prioritize a level of security, data storage management, and ease-of-use that public cloud solutions simply can not meet.


Provide Server is a key communications platform for secure financial transactions in the FinTech Industry. Employing SFTP for secure point-to-point transactions, using extremely powerful scripting, encryption and cipher management as well as scripting and logging means ProVide is easy to configure and runs seamlessly.


  • Seamless SFTP data transactions: SFTP with key exchange for seamless systems connection and data exchange while maintaining top notch security with SFTP v3 , v4, v5, v6.
  • Gateway for extreme security applications: Combine with ProVide SFTP Gateway for hardening firewall management. Run ProVide inside your firewall, ProVide Gateway in your DMZ; and all connections are initiated from the inside.
  • SFTP integration and application control: Control the flow of data reactively or interactively by using APIs or using internal or external scripting to control how your system works. ProVide sets up as as clever and powerful integration engine for all your financial systems

“We chose your product mainly because it contains a lot of options for data transfer. Additional user interface and/or administrator is very readable and understandable even for the person who first makes contact with your product. In our case, we wanted to implement your product to our environment because we use it to secure data exchange between our major business partners, and which are the largest banks in Poland.”

“We’re satisfied with the product and its functionality. ProVide is a central part of our business and it helps our customers to do safe payments by receiving payment files. ProVide is also used for delivering files to the customers.”

Major world wide bank

“Farsight Tech Nordic is always open for customer requirements providing the necessary product enhancements in a reasonable time frame. The support organization is flexible with a short response time where first level can easily gets in touch with the development department in cases where deeper analysis is required. These reasons combined with a very intuitive and simple installation procedure are what led us into ProVide.”


ProVide Server enables easy integration and data exchange for Product Information System (PIM) managing automatic transfer and updates from vendors and customers regarding pricelists, product descriptions and product data. ProVide is also used for automatically distributing updated product manuals and documentation.
  • Automate secure data transfers: Using SFTP or FTPS Provide offers support for data transfers in the logistical chain where updated information can flow to all involved parties.
  • Easy access using standard software or web: ProVide supports all relevant client access software for SFTP, FTPS and of course API-controlled system access; and even web access.
  • Multilingual: Available in 10 languages ProVide Server gives your company global reach

“ProVide has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

“ProVide is working out really well for us and is a part of our automation/efficiency solution for a more smooth managing of our inventory. We use ProVide for communication between our inventory and printers.”