How many ProVide licenses do I need?

Licenses for ProVide are purchased as yearly subscriptions and activated on the date of purchase. In general we recommend you purchase one of the main unlimited packages, but it is possible to min-max your setup and purchase only the number of individual user licenses based on how many users are accessing the server. The number of individual user licenses you need depend on your usage situation and licences are allocated in a lease based fashion.

When purchasing a server license no additional user licenses are required as unlimited users and connections are included with each server license.

User accounts such as AD-integrated users, IoT users, virtual users, and users designated in ProVide connecting via HTTPS/FTP/FTPS/SFTP or via APIs, need one user license for a month upon connection.

Please note that if some users connect via SFTP/FTPS these would only require MEDI-licenses and that ProVide server accepts mixing MEDI and MAXI licenses. So depending on how you use ProVide the number of licenses you need will vary. We recommend that you “make a little room” so that you do not plan to “hit the roof” every few months.

A brief example:

– If you for instance need to have 10 different users connected within a timeframe of 1 month you’ll need 10 individual user MAXI licenses.

– And if you at the same time want to support 20 simultaneous share/receive-links you’ll dont need any more licenses as this is included with MAXI.

– And if you have 5 external partners using collaboration links you’ll also dont need any more licenses as this is also included with MAXI.

… summing up to a total of 10 individual user licenses of level MAXI in the described scenario.

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