SFTP Server

A powerhouse platform designed to revolutionize your file management and security protocols.

Customize your ProVide experience

Flexible Cloud Hosting on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Market Places.

ProVide SFTP Server can be deployed in whatever environment you choose. While traditional on-premises licensing is readily available, we know the value of having a fully-featured SFTP server in the cloud. ProVide SFTP Server is available in the Azure, AWS and Google marketplaces for both Windows and Linux.

How ProVide works

ProVide integrates three robust components into a unified solution, crafted for speed and efficiency, security, and scalability.

Web server

ProVide is a one-stop-shop for user collaboration, remote work and as a means for integrating and tying together entire business system environments.

Admin area

At the heart of ProVide Server lies its seamless integration with Active Directory security groups, which dramatically simplifies user management and reduces configuration time.

provideserver on desktop and mobile


Add extra level of security using a reverse proxy via ProVide Gateway - Managed File Transfer made even safer!

Privacy & Security


ISO Certified Hosting

ProVide delivers unprecedented uptime and hosts communities with ISO and SOC II certified Amazon AWS hosting provider.



All data is fully encrypted using symmetric encryption with accordance to industry best practices and standards.


GDPR Compliance

Build GDPR compliant communities with our in-built policy and guidelines tool.


Systematic Audits

We are constantly monitoring, analyzing and improving our software security to keep your data safe.


Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! From the MAXI license the “Events and messages” module can easily integrate with all version control system that can be controlled via command line, just like Git and Subversion.
Yes, by sending them a “receive link” available from MAXI they are free to upload files of any size without having any other access to the system or having own ProVide/AD accounts. The receive link can be guarded by a password and be available only within a specified time span.
Yes. Using “Events and messages” available from the MAXI license, ProVide can run any number of organization specified security checks even before the files are allowed to be stored and reject the files that do not pass. Also, ProVide can trigger notification and action pipelines after the files are stored so that the appropriate authorities are made aware and can take required actions.
ProVide have several ways to support you using the “Share and Collaborate” module from the MAXI license. The two easiest are… Using a ProVide “receive link” to take a photo or filming a video on your phone will instantly upload the files to the server without storing them on your phone at all. If you have “ProVideLink” installed on your computer and access the file system through a regular browser you can “[right click] -> Edit” on the file you want to work with. This starts your local application and enable you to work with that file as if it was local but the file is automatically saved directly to the server.
Yes, you can cancel at any time, however you pay annually so what happens is that you won’t auto renew next year.

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