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Powerful scripting features means administrators or developers can access and control ProVide or even include ProVide as part of a data management or business support system.

ProVide supports standard TCP/IP connections, making scripts easy to develop (e.g. create new accounts via php). Of course, if your client supports the proper authentication exchange ProVide is able to encrypt the API connection using a regular “AUTH TLS” command (used frequently in for instance FTPS connections).

Everything that can be executed via the command line, can be scripted in ProVide. Use the tools your organization are familiar with to access the API’s. ProVide can provide the information available at the low level of the application, to allow for detailed scripting options. Scripts that utilizes the administration protocol to manage the server from custom applications may be used to integrate ProVide with custom systems, such as web applications or business systems.

Also, within ProVide there is an immensly powerful scripting engine capable of both executing internal scripts as well as executing external scripts with return parameters. Internal and external scripts can also run with impersonated priviledges if ProVide has access to an Active directory or using virtual user priviledges to enable access priviledges based on access permissions in other systems. All in all, ProVide has the capability to integrate systems, run chains of scripts and work at the heart of any business.

Sample API functionality and scripts to get you started can be obtained here.

Should you require assistance in setting up ProVide, integrating it with other systems using the API or any scripts please contact us and we can assist in script delelopment, integration or even custom development.

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