How do I customize ProVide?

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Here we will give you an example of how you can use the customization tools to customize your ProVide. To learn how to set up these customization tools, click the following link:

Changing logo #

The first step will be to find a logo you want to use. When you have found one add it to one of the folders in the modern folder, preferably the svg or img folder (if these dont exist you can always create them yourself). In this case we added and image called “provide_green” to the img folder under customize/modern/.

Now we have to apply the logo within the css file. This can be done by changing the path to the background-image on the “#imagelogo” element in “customize.css”. If this value is commented out, un-comment it by removing the “/* */” before and after the line. After we have changed the path it should look something like this:

I also decided to add some additional styling with background-size and background-position. For further instructions on how you can style elements check out CSS.

After this is done and saved you will see the change appear on the website. In this case, we changed the image on the login-screen. This is how it turned out:

There we can see the new green logo applied!

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