2021-05 : Calcium – Performance optimizations and stability improvements to internal routines

Minimized resource footprint along with performance optimization and feature support.

  • Major speed improvement to the PDF handling for search/indexing/preview
  • Updates to internal locking mechanisms for increased performance and stability
  • Internal optimizations to SSH/SFTP and WebDAV routines as well as the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Improved unicode support for cache items
  • Improved internal routines for faster PDF file caching, thumbnail processing and searching
  • Improved internal routines for ZIP-management
  • Added asynchronous logging for improved performance on heavily loaded servers
  • Added support for creating new files directly from the built-in HTTP(S) client, based on an optional template file
  • Added better copy-paste support for pre-designed HTML based link information to send through email / Teams / Zoom / etc.
  • Added support for SSL/TLS session resumption for FTPS connections
  • Added ECDH-SHA2-CURVE25519 to default KEX list – Seems to be needed by some Open Source SFTP clients

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