“New Folder” and “Add Resource”, what’s the difference?

In ProVide, both “New Folder” and “Add Resource” are options for organizing and managing files within the user’s or the groups file tree. Here’s how they differ:

  1. New Folder:
    • Selecting “New Folder” allows you to create a virtual folder within the user’s file tree.
    • This virtual folder exists solely within ProVide and does not correspond to an actual directory on the underlying file system.
    • You can use “New Folder” to structure your home directory according to your preferences, creating a hierarchy of folders to organize your files effectively.
  2. Add Resource:
    • “Add Resource” enables you to add directories and files directly to the location where it is placed in the file tree.
    • When you use “Add Resource,” you are adding actual directories and files to the underlying file system.

By understanding the distinction between “New Folder” and “Add Resource,” you can effectively organize and manage your files within ProVide to suit your needs.
Whether you’re creating virtual folders for organizational purposes or adding actual resources, ProVide provides the flexibility and functionality to streamline your file management workflow.

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