Alright, this is too simple… I want some challenge!

Ok, then maybe you want to experiment with the various tokens that may be used when specifying access rights for users. There are many tokens available that will be replaced by their respective value where ever they are found in paths.

These are just a small sample of tokens available:

%USERNAME%The current user trying to access the resource (e.g. james)
%YYYY%The current year in 4-digit format (e.g. 2003)
%MM%The current month in 2-digit format (e.g. 06)
%DD%The current day in 2-digit format (e.g. 29)

Using these tokens you may specify directories where access rights depend on e.g. who is accessing the resource or when. E.g. You may only want to allow uploads in a directory with the current date. Then add a folder to the home directory with e.g. “%YYYY%-%MM%-%DD%”. Then any resources accessrights under this one will only apply during the current date.

Depending on your licence you get access to more advanced tools e.g. events can be configured to execute scripts, giving you the power to do anything you can imagine.

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