Offline and Silent install

Offline install #

To install ProVide Server while offline, first download and run the setup on a connected computer.

Wait for the setup to finish the download and the installation wizard to start.

Close the wizard by pressing the X in the top right corner

Answer “Yes” on the question if you want to save the installation files


The wizard will close and the setupfiles will be saved in a folder named “Provide Setup (XX-bit)” in the same folder where the Provide_setup_xXX.exe is located.

Copy the folder to the computer where ProVide will be installed, and run install.exe located in the folder

Silent Install #

Provide can be installed silently(for example, for use in installation through script).

First, do the same as for offline installation to get the setup files.

Start a commandprompt, and run install.exe with the desired switches.

The following are available:



install.exe -server “c:\program files\provide server” -systemService -password “adminpassword” -quiet

Will install ProVIde in c:\program files\provide server, check the box to run it as a system service, create an adminaccount with the password “adminpassword” and run the installation without any dialog

Note: If “-password” is not used, no admin account will be created, and the setup needs to be rerun so be able to create one

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