2022-04 : Scandium – Index, search and preview regular Office files

Looking for something particular? ProVide enables instant free text searches in PDFs, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents. You do of course get to search for file names, just as in windows. However; we think you are looking for something particular, and that you know it when you see it. Free text search using ProVide enables exactly that by searching both for files, and in files, and presenting intuitive previews.

  • Added support for linking certificates; improves support for services like LetsEncrypt et al.
  • Added support for copying entire directories server-side using supported clients (SFTP and HTTP(S))
  • Better mobile support for the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Minor fixes and improvements to the Web Admin interface and the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Upgraded third-party libraries for the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Fixed problems when using collaboration links for folders needing impersonation when using Active Directory
  • Increased thumbnail size of file previews
  • Added ability to search within Office-files (Word, Excell and Powerpoint) through the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Added preview on hover over Office-files (Word, Excell and Powerpoint) in the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Added cookie property SameSite=Lax as default for improved security while using the built-in HTTP(S) client and Web Admin interface

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