2023-03 : Titanium – Security and MultiFactor Authentication upgrades

  • Major performance improvements to search and index algorithms
  • Improved certificate import to properly update existing certificates
  • Minor fixes and improvements for the built-in HTTP(S) client and the Web Admin interface
  • Improved indexing algorithm to properly handle more weird office formats
  • Updated default ignore list for indexing to “\_vti_cnf\|\__MACOSX\|\.svn\|\.git\|*.exe|*.dll|\node_modules\|\__history\”
  • Improved Safari support for the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Added support for multiple drag’n’drop in the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Internal fixes and optimizations to concurrency and thread management
  • Fixed proper handling of hidden and system files/folders for Mac
  • Added support for MultiFactor Authentication using Microsoft Authenticator and ESET

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