2019-02 : Chlorine – Added ability to edit selected file types on local computer through the built-in HTTP(S) client

Edit any “allowed” file type directly from the web interface of a client computer. Basically; work securely from anywhere as if directly connected to company network. Admins can enable staff to work securely from home in minutes.

  • Improved internal routines for disconnecting FTP, FTPS, SFTP and HTTP connections
  • Added more information regarding connections using links in WebAdmin
  • More stable termination of listening threads
  • Updated Swedish translation
  • Improved internal SFTP routines to better handle if client disconnects abruptly
  • Minor fixes and improvements to the built-in HTTP(S) client interface (more icons, access to favorites, right click menu for folder tree, …)
  • Added support for specifying SSL Elliptic Curves (applies to both FTPS and HTTPS services)
  • Minor fixes and improvements to the WebAdmin interface
  • Fixed internal HTTP(S) session management for both speed and stability
  • Improved internal routines for disconnecting FTP and FTPS connections

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