Minimal Resource Footprint

ProVide is designed with minimal resource footprint in mind from the very beginning. Threading, separating the administration application from the server application, and careful allocation and deallocation of memory with no memory leakages, are some of the design choices and strategies implemented to minimize performance costs.

  • Powerful in the sense that we offer cutting edge technology and easy of use right off the bat, meaning a “basic” implementation takes minutes. If you are a programmer or enterprise system engineer you might also consider implementing advanced scripts, automate internal or external actions or do customizations to both security and interface.
  • Ease-to-use, while inplementing all relevant standards for security, communication protocols; the administration interface and end-user interface, should you decide to use I, are built ground up for useability. Manuals are a good thing but if you know what you want to accomplish; seriously.. you should not need a manual. Scripting examples, wiki and examples is a different story, but if you just want to set up a secure on-premise Dropbox alternative, or a SFTP-server… no manuals required.
  • Self-sufficient means we want to ProVide a single installation file that is not dependent on specific development frameworks. Furthermore we use the Windows registry to the least extent possible.
  • Portability: Whereas we do support built-in AD-integration, security certificate integration, as well as your own user registry or certificates the software, is built for portability. When you discontinue a server and fire up a new one; ideally you want to port all settings, customizations and the entire server installation file structure to the new server. If the new server runs in the same AD, shut the old one down and your good to go!
  • Minimal resource footprint: ProVide is a deeply multithreaded software that can draw upon memory and processing resources when they are needed and let these resources go when not needed. Memory management, garbage collection and shutting down threads no longer needed in an orderly fashion; is closely considered during development. We argue that a lot of developers are sloppy in that they take shortcuts to use performance resources just because they are abundantly available, instead of keeping things optimized at all times. As a bonus; user activity threads can even run with AD-integrated privileges to prevent privilege escalation and meaning the AD maintains full access control at all times.

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