2019-04 : Chlorine – Internal optimizations and stability improvements; faster, stable and more efficient

Performance improvements across the board.

  • Improved Server Log performance during heavy load
  • Improved SFTP subsystem thread termination procedure
  • Improved Unicode support on Mac web clients
  • Fixed internal cleansing of stalled log listeners
  • Fixed support for token %EVENTNAME% while using regular FTP and events OnListDirectoryStart/End, OnDownloadEnd, OnUploadEnd and OnQuit
  • Make sure scripts from Events and Messages are executed as ProVide system account
  • Fixed session transfer on Safari when going from an already logged in web session with a regular user to a collaboration area
  • Improved internal locking mechanisms to perform faster with less memory allocation
  • Improved caching performance for Windows passwords
  • Fixed internal pointer validation for terminating HTTP(S) sessions
  • Fixed support for using cached passwords to have Active Directory impersonation with share, receive and collaborate links
  • Better internal management of parallel executions for FTP(S), SFTP and HTTP(S) connections
  • Safer support for parallel uploads to the same folder
  • Added support for editing files with names containing control characters

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