Is ProVide really that secure?

In short, YES! Our secure server is equipped with a number of anti-hammer methods, impersonation (threads run with the permissions of a specific user), extensive logging and not to mention support for both FTPS (TLS/SSL) as well as SFTP (v3-v6) and support for a wide range of encryption algorithms as well as self signed or purchased certificates: It is secure! We also have several research labs, government organisations, Fortune 500 companies, defence contractors as well as payment transaction firms using ProVide. And of course with more than 3 Million downloads a few others to!

Perfect score at Qualys SSL Labs official test

After implementing the following in ProVide it is now possible to configure the server to achieve a perfect score at Qualys SSL Labs official test.

  • Implemented support for HTTP Strict Transport Security.
  • Implemented support to individually enable/disable SSL/TLS protocols (SSL v2, SSL v3, TLS v1, TLS v1.1, TLS v1.2).
  • Implemented support for forward secrecy with most browsers.
  • Improved support for completely loading chain certificates including intermediate.
  • Improved support for individually enable/disable SSL/TLS ciphers.
  • Improved support for renegotiation (allow secure, disable client-initiated).
SSL-labs_A provide server


  • Latest version of ProVide
  • Purchased certificate with at least 4096 bit key using SHA256 encryption (not SHA1)
  • For instructions on how to achieve high security, visit this page Achieving high security

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