Enhanced or classic workflow?

When opening ProVide for the first time, you will get prompted with a start modal, where you can choose between 2 work preferences. These preferences change what right and left click do.

What is the difference between Classic and Enhanced workflow?

  • Classic workflow:
    Single click: Downloads selected file
    Right click: Opens context menu (Edit, Delete etc.)
  • Enhanced workflow (Recommended):
    Single click: Opens selected file
    Right click: Opens context menu (Download, Delete etc.)
    *Enhanced workflow requires you to download ProVide Link, more information is provided below.

What is ProVide Link?

This is how it’s usually done on the Internet; you need to download a file, find it, edit it, save it, find it again, and finally upload it manually. Often resulting in many different versions in many different places.

One of our unique features is something we call ProVide Link. This innovative feature allows you to control how recipients open each file. Edit files directly on your controlled server instead of downloading them to your computer. This way, you maintain control over the files and enhance the security level in your company.

Download ProVide link

Normally each user installs ProVide link for themselves, but Administrators can download the multiuser ProVide link msi for AD deployment here.

This installs a computerwide ProVide link that works for all users.

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