2019-03 : Chlorine – Added support for using form data with receive links (using %FORM% token)

ProVide now supports forms connected to scripts for recieve folders. You can e.g. recieve files, images and videos with textual and multichoice descriptions and let ProVide act as an information broker to other systems.

  • Added token %LINK_TYPE% to easier distinguish context when writing integration scripts
  • Added support for HTTP resume
  • Fixed support for multi line receive text messages
  • Fixed right click support in built-in HTTP(S) client for Firefox v66+
  • Fixed switching between different links (share / receive / collaborate) seamlessly for end users
  • Fixed Active Directory integration when not using restricted access
  • Connections in activity window are now sorted and failed attempts are also visible to ease management in WebAdmin
  • Fixed issue where very early connections on SFTP could crash listening thread during startup
  • Fixed internal routines to properly count up- and downloaded files through shares and receives
  • Made internal safe saving to file threaded to improve performance and avoid deadlocks with main thread
  • Clearer visibility of enabled/disabled elements in WebAdmin

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