Email Example

For this example we’ll use a powershell script that sends an email to the admin when a new file has been uploaded to ProVide.

# Setup script parameters
param ([Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][string]$local, [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][string]$ftp)
# Email parameters
$SMTPServer = “”
$SMTPClient = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($SmtpServer, 587) $SMTPClient.EnableSsl = $true
# The email address that will appear to be the sender of the email. $EmailFrom = “”
# The email address that will receive the email.
$EmailTo = “”
# This will be the subject of the email.
$Subject = “New file”
# The email text that will be sent will be what is contained within the ‘@”‘ in the start and the ‘”@’ in the end.
$Body = @”
A new file has arrived through $ftp, ending up in $local.
Best regards,
# If credentials are required for sending through this SMTP server $SMTPClient.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential(“domain\user”, “password”);
# If we should skip certification validation check for this SMTP server [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::ServerCertificateValidationCallback = { return $true }
# Now we are ready to send the message $SMTPClient.Send($EmailFrom, $EmailTo, $Subject, $Body)

We want this script to trigger when a user is done uploading a file so go to the “Messages and events” in the provide administrator interface and select “OnUploadEnd” from the drop-down menu. We want to add the follow line to the message box:

%EXECUTE(Powershell.exe -File “c:\PATH\TO\SCRIPT\SCRIPT.ps1” -local “%LOCAL_FILENAME%” -ftp “%FTP_FILENAME%”)%

This line is telling ProVide that when the upload has been finished it will execute the powershell script located at the path and it will send with it the ‘local_filename’ and ‘ftp_filename’.

If you wish to read more about this subject you can go to our CMD examples.

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